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Alwar fort
Bala Quila gives a picturesque view and weaves
Bala Quila also known Alwar fort is a fort in Alwar in Indian state of Rajasthan.It is situated on a hill in the Aravalli Range, above the town of Alwar.The fort is 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) long and is about 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) wide. It was built in 15th century by the Hasan Khan Mewati. In the following centuries it went to the Marathas, Yadavas,and to the Kachwaha Rajputs.
Bala Quila is perched on a 300 meter high steep cliff that lends a majestic view of Alwar. Standing tall since 16th century and looking after Alwar even before the Mughals arrived, the fort is the most notable symbol of the Alwar city. It is said that Emperor Jahangir stayed in this Bala Quila when his father, the great emperor Ashok banished him. The place where Emperor Jahangir stayed in Bala Quila is known as Salim Mahal. Later, in the year 1775, Bala Quila was taken by Pratap Singh, the founder of Alwar state. This huge fort once upon a time had tight security which one can witness with its 15 large and 51 small towers perched on top of the fort.
Alwar City Palace
It's beautiful architecture and decoration of late 18th century
The City Palace of Alwar is known as the Vinay Vilas Mahal. It is standing huge in the heart of Alwar City of Rajasthan. The City Palace, of Alwar, was built up by Raja Bakhtayar Singh in the year 1793. The building is a perfect example of Indo-Islamic architecture. The prehistoric city of Alwar is settled at the slopes of the Aravalli Hills has converted into a crowded trade center in recent times. But its rich history has left many examples through many temples, forts, tombs, gardens and palaces.Alwar is one of the oldest cities of Rajasthan and ii has always been a favorite place for the archaeologists. The Alwar city is settled in the year past 1500BC. It is also called Matsya Desh as Pandavas had spent thirteen years at this place. Alwar is the best place where you can take a relaxed walk through the many forts and tombs that depict the picture of olden times. Built by Raja Bakhtayar Singh in the year 1793, Vinay Vilas Mahal depicts the architectural beauty of the bygone era.
Company Garden
It is beautiful place to rest for sometime.You feel peace and calm
Company Bagh also known as Purjan Vihar or Company Garden. It was laid out during the reign of Maharaja Shiv Dan Singh in 1868 A.D. Located just next to the city palace, this lush green garden attracts many visitors.
Company garden has the magnificent setting and formation, especially known as Shimla House which was built by Maharaja Mangal Singh. This fabulous Shimla House also provides cool shades which make it the ideal for visiting during summers. Locals even name it as ‘Summer House’.
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Alwar Museum
Collection of old paintings, old royal weapons, royal things
Known to be housing a fabulous collection of arts and artifacts, Alwar Government Museum is one of the popular tourist attractions in Rajasthan. In order to get the glimpse of the bygone royal era of the city, one must surely keep a visit to this renowned museum in his itinerary. Established in the year 1940 in the vicinity of City Palace, the Government Museum in Alwar speaks proudly of a rich collection of the royal family. With a total count of 234 scriptures, 11 inscriptions, 35 metal objects, 2565 paintings & manuscripts and various objects of local art, crafts and musical instruments, the museum uniquely depicts the historical cultural heritage of Rajasthan.
Nehru Garden
The park is spacious with workout facilities
Nehru garden is very popular at Alwar due to its location right in the center of the city. Apart from that it is the second largest garden in Alwar with huge open space and beautiful and green pastures of grass. A huge fountain with beautiful lighting is an added attraction of this garden. Famous fast food centers and eateries are located close by providing delicious food. it's very good park for meditation and gym. It has many activities for children and for all.
City Palace
Lovely insight into royal family history
Located in the heart of the Pink City Jaipur, the City Palace was where the Maharaja reigned from. This palace also includes the famous 'Chandra Mahal' and 'Mubarak Mahal', and other buildings which form a part of the palace complex. The palace is located towards the northeast side of central Jaipur and has many courtyards and buildings. The palace was built between 1729 and 1732 AD by Sawai Jai Singh II. He ruled in Amer and planned and built the outer walls of the palace and later rulers added to the architecture of this palace. These additions have been known to take place right up to the 20th century. The urban layout of the city of Jaipur was commissioned to Vidyadhar Bhattacharya and Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob.The architectural styles are largely based on a fusion of Rajput, Mughal and European styles..
Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri
"Good environment and peace ful area"
Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri was built by Vinay Singh in the memory of Alwar’s ruler, Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh and his queen, Rani Moosi who committed ‘sati’ (self immolation on her husband’s pyre). This beautiful cenotaph shelters the tomb of the king and the queen and the entire chhatri is supported by pillared sandstone.The double-storeyed structure with Aravalli hills in the background looks stunning during sunset. The top floor is carved and designed entirely in marble. The interiors are adorned with some beautiful mythological paintings and frescoes on its ceiling. You may even spot some peacocks dancing around if the weather is pleasant. Perfect location and stunning architecture, lists Moosi Maharani ki Chhatri among the popular attractions of Alwar. However, the edifice calls for maintenance.